Whether you're a recent grad or you've been out in the field for a few years since your degree, if you’re keen on kick-starting your career with a business that can take you places, you’ve come to the perfect place. At Ravensdown, we provide you with fertile ground for growth. Aligning yourself with a solid, reputable company that’s stood the test of time is a great move to make, especially if you’re driven and eager to achieve. You see, we’re dedicated to providing opportunities to match ambition. We provide our grads with great starts in all sorts of areas, whether you're new to the workforce or taking a change in direction – it all leads to a thriving future.

At the start of each year we take on a group of Graduates into our Regional Agri Support roles, based in Christchurch. For the next intake, we are taking applications from graduates in agricultural related, environmental and related disciplines. Our Graduates learn all about our products and the Ravensdown way of doing things, while also having access to opportunities to get experience in different fields of the company. Once you know our systems, and as vacancies arise, you will be encouraged to move into other areas of our company - ones you’ll be well equipped to contribute to.

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