Ravensdown people are positive by nature, striving to help our farmers and each other succeed.

We are genuine, grounded, and take pride in what we do.

We know what we are good at. We work hard to stay informed, and we communicate to others, considering all views, to deliver the best solution.

You will find that we work with individuals and teams to help make Ravensdown a better place to work. How do we achieve this? One of the ways is by carrying out a climate survey every two years which provides every staff member the opportunity to have their say in how best to make a great workplace.

This success-oriented culture ensures ongoing momentum – as a co-operative and as individuals, we’re constantly breaking new ground and challenging the status quo. In a nutshell, we are Positively Thriving.


As a member of Diversity Works NZ we are working toward a diverse and inclusive workplace.

We acknowledge that everyone has value to contribute.

With 700 staff in the Ravensdown “family”, we are all at different ages and stages of our careers and family life, so we try and design our workplace and jobs to accommodate the different needs that our high performing staff have.  

We encourage everyone to contribute to our culture and work ethic, while having fun along the way - from our staff members who are hitting 50 years’ service to those who have just joined.