As Ravensdown employees, we share a common purpose: to enable smarter farming for a better New Zealand. To achieve this, our values and behaviors underpin the way we work together and how we make decisions.

How we Act

Our Engaging experts are confident and focused. Their knowledge and experience give credibility, they are always learning.

Our people are passionate, progressive, positive and supportive – they are Driven.

We employ Good Sorts that are open, honest, caring and reliable. They are professional yet approachable.

We call this ‘Grounded Intelligence’.


As a member of Diversity Works NZ Ravensdown values and understands the importance of an inclusive workplace with diversity of thought, opinion and background. We aim to promote and sustain a sense of belonging; valuing and practicing respect for the talents, beliefs, backgrounds, and ways of living of all employees, clients, candidates and suppliers.

We are committed to ensuring all employees have access to equal opportunities through all phases of the employee experience. To ensure our commitment is carried out we have implemented a Diversity and Inclusion Policy aimed at celebrating the range of our talent, providing our staff with equal opportunities and eliminating any occurrence of, or potential for, unlawful discrimination.

To help attract and keep staff, we also promote a culture of flexibility, helping people balance their work and out-of-work commitments through the provision of a Flexible Working Policy.

We support our female staff into leadership roles and sponsor the Agri Women's Development Trust programme.