Employee Benefits

What defines a benefit differs from person to person. Some people benefit from knowing they’re part of a supportive, intelligent team. For others it’s stability, security and being part of a solid, reputable company. Because everyone’s different, we offer a comprehensive range of benefits to ensure everyone is happy and well rewarded for their efforts.

In addition to what’s outlined here, you’re set to enjoy a range of other benefits that make working here an even more attractive option, like 50kg of fertiliser each year and inclusion in our incentive scheme. You’ll learn more about these once you’re on board.

Stay Healthy

We want you to thrive here, and that means staying happy and healthy. If you're a full time permanent employee, we cover medical insurance for you and your family. 

If you’re having a difficult time or need advice, we offer confidential and professional counselling sessions, free of charge, through OCP.

Flexibility and Family Focus

We’ll work with you to offer flexibility in your work arrangements where we can. With the inclusion of recreation leave, there are even more options to make sure you get well deserved breaks from work.

When you or your partner have a baby, you’ll get extra paid time off to help you welcome your new baby. 

Your Future

We contribute more to your retirement: 5% instead of the usual 3% offered by most companies. It’s your choice how you split these contributions.

When you join Ravensdown we take out a life insurance policy and a salary continuance insurance policy for you. This provides cover for you just in case anything goes wrong.

After 5 years with Ravensdown, you’ll be entitled to an extra week of leave, every year – which means more time for you to relax! Beyond 5 years there are also one-off holidays to celebrate your milestones with Ravensdown.

Training and Development

Once you’re on board, we’ll talk to you about the training you’ll need to do your job well. There are training opportunities galore at Ravensdown, including:

  • Coaching courses for managers
  • Continuous improvement workshops
  • Financial literacy workshops
  • Sustainable nutrient management and soil courses
  • First aid training
  • Working at heights and confined spaces training